Saturday, January 31, 2009

Volume 8. August Evening

I just finished watching Chris Eska's August Evening and was totally blown away by it. Everything about it was great. The bittersweet overarching tone that ran throughout the film. Jonathan Hughs' evocative music and Yasu Tanida's cinematography that enhanced it. The fine ensemble acting led by Pedro Castaneda (a nonprofessional actor who runs a towing company in San Antonio) and the sensitive, expressive Veronica Loren. I loved the very real characters.

Films this good don't come around all that often.

Do not miss this.

Be sure to visit the August Evening website at for a Synopsis.

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  1. another movie for me to see

    i also can't wait to see A. Egoyan's Adoration.

    David, you'll surely enjoy reading this short story the Pursuer by Cortazar.

    was wondering if you go back to France from time to time...
    Have a great monday..
    (raining here...a bit gloomy)