Thursday, July 2, 2009

More than 20, 000 Singers! - The Singing Revolution

If by any chance you are heading to Scandinavia, Russia or The Baltics right now this is a truly amazing event that you should not miss!

Daniel Reuss conducts at the Estonian Song Celebrations

The EPCC’s chief conductor Daniel Reuss conducts at the XXV Estonian Song Celebrations „To Breathe as One“, which takes place in 2-5 July at the Song Celebration Grounds in Tallinn.

This year sing together more than 20,000 amateur singers of mixed, male, female, children’s choirs and professional choirs (EPCC among them).

Daniel Reuss is the only foreign guest conductor, he conducts on July 4 Bruckner’s “Ave Maria” performed by professional choirs.

The Song Celebration tradition began in 1869 and during the following years it has become one of the most important national events of the Estonian culture.

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  1. There's something so very thrilling and unifying about hearing that many human voices in unison. The video clip gave me chills!

  2. Hi Willow,

    I do love to hear many voices. Whenever the Faure & Durufle Requiems are being performed I have to go. I cannot even imagine what 20,000 voices would sound like. One year I'd really love to hear this in person.