Friday, October 22, 2010


Dear Friends,

Dear Readers,

Isn't it fun 

when you can take a simple ingredient

and turn it into something special?

I sure think so!

 Last night when I got home from work

I prepared a delicious meal 

from the possibly 


chicken liver.


it be the 


of the culinary world?

I started off by sweating half of 

an onion & a generous handful

of golden raisins in butter and olive oil

over a low heat. 

I seasoned this with salt, pepper, thyme

and a little hot paprika.

This cooked for around 20 minutes, 

until the onions were translucent.

I reserved this 

and then folded  

the tub of rinsed chicken livers

into a medium hot pan. 

I cooked the livers 


until there was no evidence of blood. 

Next I deglazed with balsamic

and then folded 

the onions and raisins back into the pan 

with a generous 

chiffonade of 


After correcting for seasoning,

I folded in 

al dente 



This beautiful dish 

was then plated,

drizzled with olive oil,


a handful 


 Parmigiano Reggiano.

Easy and delicious.

Did we elevate the use of a simple ingredient?

I say yeah!

You will too!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Quiz For A Million! Part Deux! Winner!

 Welcome back Dear Readers.

Results from 

The Quiz For A Million! Part Deux!

are in!


Senegal to Kazakstan...

Mauritius to Reunion...

your voices have been heard.

And the winner 

came from just around the corner!

Or, at least,

simply across the country. 

Brooke Breton

of Pacific Palisades, CA

won with her answer,

"the novelist Milan Kundera".

Hats off to you Brooke!


new collection of essays 

has just been published.

Here's how his publisher,

Harper Collins, 



"A brilliant new contribution to Kundera's ongoing reflections on art and artists, written with unparalleled insight, authority, and range of reference and allusion.

 Milan Kundera's new collection of essays is a passionate defense of art in an era that, he argues, no longer values art or beauty. With the same dazzling mix of emotion and idea that characterizes his novels, Kundera revisits the artists who remain important to him and whose works help us better understand the world we live in and what it means to be human. An astute reader of fiction, Kundera brings his extraordinary critical gifts to bear on the paintings of Francis Bacon, the music of Leos Janacek, and the films of Federico Fellini, as well as the novels of Philip Roth, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and Gabriel García Márquez, among others. He also takes up the challenge of restoring to its rightful place the work of Anatole France and Curzio Malaparte, major writers who have fallen into obscurity.

Milan Kundera's signature themes of memory and forgetting, the experience of exile, and the championing of modernist art are here, along with more personal reflections and stories. Encounter is a work of great humanism. Art is what we possess in the face of evil and the darker side of human nature. Elegant, startlingly original, and provocative, Encounter follows in the footsteps of Kundera's earlier essay collections, The Art of the NovelTestaments Betrayed, and The Curtain."

I particularly enjoyed 

Kundera's description, 

of his fellow countryman/composer,


beautiful music. 



evocative pieces 

In The Mists


On The Overgrown Path

had come to mind

during some of the refreshingly

cooler and rainy weather 

we've had recently. 

Don't miss this wonderful music, 

particularly on 

a grey & moody day. 

And pick up 

a copy of 


It will stimulate 

your brain.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quiz For A Million! Part Deux!

Welcome back all.

A double question quiz this week!

Which brilliant contemporary writer
had this 

“Dizzyingly tight juxtaposition of highly contrasting themes that follow rapidly one upon another, without transitions and, often, resonating simultaneously; a tension between brutality and tenderness within an extremely short time span. And yet further: a tension between beauty and ugliness..."

to say
 to describe the style of the music of 
his fellow 
And who is this composer?

The hints are all around!

Another hint...

This author just published a new work 


essays with insights into creativity.