Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Rustic Turnip

As the temperatures cool

and the weather changes

so does our cuisine.

I love this time of year for many reasons.

I love The Food of Autumn.

It is delicious

and beautiful.

Spit roasted squab, roast pheasant, and other game birds.

All the different types of squash.

And how about the various root vegetables?

Be sure to try my:

Braised Turnips

Wash, peel, and cut Turnips into wedges.

Saute wedges in Butter.

Season with Salt and Pepper.

As the Butter diminishes add warmed Chicken Stock by the ladle.

Repeat every 5 minutes, or as needed.

When the Turnips are tender, but not too tender,

fold in some Dark Muscovado Sugar from Mauritius,

Lemon juice,

and Hungarian Hot Paprika.

Then serve



(Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for the picture)


  1. Yes! Me, too! I love the season of slow cooked meats and root vegetables. Mmm. I must try your turnips.

  2. miam..miam...i love turnips especially in couscous

    ps: just read your comment which made me laugh...ok, i'll be working on it..actually me too i want to wear a black lace mantilla with an enormous hairpin!

  3. Hi Lala!

    I'd love to see your recipe. Hope to see you in the mantilla and hairpin soon!