Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Long Lost Menu

Dear Friends,

Dear Readers,

As many of you may already know,

I just endured

the pain and injustices

of moving.

If there could possibly be

any upside to all this upheaval,

it would be going through ones belongings

and stumbling upon

lost treasures.


you ever

have to move,

I hope you will make

some wonderful discoveries.

I found this menu

of a meal I created years ago.

Celebration Dinner

Saturday August 15, 1992

Peppered Seared Rare Tuna
with Papaya Salsa & Epazote

Pouilly Fume
Cuvee Speciale Vielle Vignes
Regis Minet

Grilled Blackberry Quail
served on a Mesclun Nest

Grapefruit Thyme Granita

Chateau La Lagune

Grilled Veal Rib Chop
with Chanterelles,
Haricot Vert Bundles,
& Fritters made with fresh White Corn,
Tomatoes, Roast Peppers,
Scallions & Boucheron

Arabica Sanani

Bittersweet Chocolate Tart
served on a Raspberry Coulis
a Prune Plum Tart
with an Almond Cream

Sounds pretty tasty, no?

I sure wish I had someone here to prepare it for me!




  1. Mon Dieu, David, this is toooo much !!
    i hope you're happily settled by now, i can picture you sipping some tasty wine while listening to some old good Miles :-)
    But mostly, i wish you a wonderful Christmas and especially happy New Year...may it be better, may it bring you tons of exciting projects !!
    besitos desde Andalucia

    (so what changed in your adress ?)

  2. Dear Lala,

    I wish you were here so I could cook you something delicious! As it is I know you'll be surrounded by all things beautiful. Do have a lovely Christmas and I hope your New Year is filled with colour, laughter, and good health.

    All the best to you & yours,

    David (now in Apt. 418)