Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Old Friends, New Friends - Enrico Rava Jazz Italiano Live 2009

Welcome back Dear Readers.

So nice to see you again.

For this Old Friends, New Friends edition,

(a new-ish feature that is scheduled to appear every Tuesday)

a wonderful new work

from a

Dear Old Friend:

Enrico Rava.

Isn't it nice to have great friends?

My buddy Paolo

just returned from Rome

with a gift

for me.

Enrico Rava's

Jazz Italiano Live 2009

recording is a



(dare I say?)



by one of Italy's


Jazz Masters.

I'm not sure if this is available in The States yet.


wherever you are,

keep your eyes peeled for this

fine new disc featuring:

Enrico Rava - Trumpet
Mauro Ottolini - Trombone, tuba
Dan Kinzelman - Tenor Sax
Daniele Tittarelli - Alto Sax
Marcello Giannini - Guitar
Giovanni Guida - Piano
Stefano Senni - Bass
Zeno De Rossi - Drums

This brilliant recording

reminded me of the fine 1978 Enrico Rava Quartet recording on ECM.

For good reason.

Both recordings contain riotous, scorching versions of the tune

- Lavori Casalinghi.

It also happens to be a lot of fun.

Something no one I know has so much of that they can't use a little more.

Treat yourself.

Better yet,

find a wonderful, generous  friend

who might slip this into your Christmas stocking!


  1. Hello Ever Faithful Willow,

    Thanks for stopping by to see me! And yes you should want one. The 1978 ECM recording is available I believe and the new one will become available soon if it isn't already. You can always try Amazon UK etc... In a pinch I can always send you a copy.

    All the best,