Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Old Friends, New Friends - Once Upon A Time In Rio

I've just finished watching this


but heartbreaking film.

Like some of the characters in it,

I am trying to reassure myself that everything will be OK

by saying

"calme, calme"

to myself.

I guess it was naive of me to have hoped that

this modern day  Romeo and Juliet

set in Ipanema and one of the favela's

surrounding it,

(where the joys of life and the violence of death exist so closely)

could've ended up

"happily ever after".

I guess that was the romantic in me.

I am hurt,

and I am saddened

that this was

(yet again)

not the case.

Once Upon A Time In Rio

is a very powerful, moving drama

with great acting.

A film that I cannot recommend more highly.

There have been many fine films

coming out of Brazil in recent years.

City of God

and City of Men,

are also not be missed.


  1. This looks like a West Side Story, rich with Brazilian culture!

  2. Hi Willow,

    I hope you'll be sure to see it! It's really good. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    All the best,


  3. I've added this one to my list. What was that film that made your friend spit popcorn laughing? (where did I even see that?)

  4. Yo Don,

    Thanks for stopping by. Do see this fine film. You will like it.

    It was my friend Charlie Pickel who said "I nearly laughed spit-covered popcorn into the hair of audience members foolish enough to sit in front of me.
    I've always wanted to "come back" as a mad Scott. But not this mad...."

    in regard to the film In The Loop. See it as well.