Saturday, March 13, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Still Life - Adriaen van Utrecht

Long ago and faraway,

and many years ago,

I was rather involved in 

the Food & Wine Industry. 

And one Spring, 

in planning for an interview 

for a Wine Steward position, 

I created this menu as an example of my aesthetic.

St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Black Pepper Tartlet with Caramelized Onions, Leeks and Green Garlic

Domaine Zind Humbrecht, Tokay D'Alsace, Clos St. Urbain '83

Salade de Saumon Printennier

Qupe Marsanne '87

Granita de Chartreuse

Spit Roasted Leg of Lamb with Gremolata,
Gratin of Florence Fennel,
and Potatoes Raked Over The Coals

Bandol Tempier, Tourtine '85

Salade de Mesclun with Caeriphily

Highland Fling with Whiskied Currants

Irish Mist

Could you possibly enjoy this meal any more knowing that I did in fact get this position?

à votre santé


  1. Granita de Chartreuse AND Bandol Tempier in a single post -- now that's an accomplishment. Love it!
    Another great post, David; many thanks.

  2. Thank you MIchael for your enthusiastic response! Glad you enjoyed the menu. I hope you've had a nice weekend.


  3. Mon Dieu..David...this is too fabulous !
    and I love Irish Mist !!
    thank you for your birthday wishes..well, i've got a really nasty cold so i won't even be able to enjoy a glass of white wine properly...

    which brings me to your famous almond tortas and what food to serve with them. Am not really inspired at the moment , some really nice fish may be ? Did you ever have "habas con jamon" (broad beans with jamon serrano)?

    Have a great week end dear !

  4. Hello Lovely Lala,

    So glad you could drop by! I hope you're feeling better already. I don't think I've had "habas con jamon". Anything with serrano tastes great!

    Love to you and yours,