Monday, March 21, 2011

Music That's For The Birds

The winter chill is gone.

And while I might not mind another blizzard,

I fear that I am in the minority on that. 

I must admit that it's hard not to like these temperatures

in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. 

Sitting in my dining room, 

or driving with the top down, 

it has been wonderful 

 to hear that the birds are back,

and full of song.

And in this calm and serene setting, 

I am reminded of particular pieces of music,

pastoral works that seem just right for the time. 

For some reason,

and perhaps you can tell me why,

I think of the British.

I've been listening to Vaughan Williams and his

The Lark Ascending,

as well as his

The Lake in the Mountains,

and Six Studies in English Folksong,

which has been perfect.

I think Delius'


Florida Suite


A Village Romeo and Juliet

would be nice too.


  1. David, you have exquisite taste in music, my friend. Happy Spring~!

  2. As do you my dear Tess! And a Happy Spring to you!


  3. Beautiful music! And please do add Delius's "In a Summer Garden" and "Brigg Fair" to round off a perfect entrée into spring/summer.
    Great post, David.

  4. Welcome Back Michael!

    And thank you for the great suggestions! I'll be sure to listen to them. I hope all is well with you.