Thursday, October 18, 2012

Music in TV and Film

One of my friends is studying at Yale.

And this brilliant young cellist is making me jealous!

Apparently he's taking a class that covers

Music in TV and Film. 

For me this would be quite fascinating.

After all, how many brilliant pieces of music have you become familiar with 

having heard them on TV or in a Film? 

I have learned so much this way

and imagine that you have as well.

So the question is...

Have you any favorite soundtracks?

From Ellington to Metheny,

Badalamenti to Morricone

here are some of my favorite

marriages of

film and sound:

A Farewell To Maria (Tomasz Stanko)

Cinema Paradiso (Morricone)

The Falcon and the Snowman (Metheny)

 Amarcord (Rota/Willner)

 Afterglow (Isham)

The 25th Hour (Blanchard)

 The Accompanist (various classical)

High Art (Shudder To Think)

The Map of the World (Metheny)

 Backbeat (Was/Blanchard)

Selmasongs (Bjork)

Passaggio per il Paradiso (Metheny)

1996 (Sakamoto)

Until The End of the World (various rock)

Faraway, So Close (various rock)

Fireworks/Hana-Bi (Hisaishi)

Alexei and the Spring (Sakamoto)

thirty two short films about GLENN GOULD (various classical)

The Million Dollar Hotel (various rock)

Twin Peaks (Badalamenti)

the princess + the warrior (various rock)

Nenette et Boni (Tindersticks)

no fear, no die (Abdullah Ibrahim)

Ascenseur Pour l'Echafaud (Miles)

Anatomy of a Murder (Ellington)

 Stay Awake - Various Interpretations of Music from Vintage Disney Films
(Willner with various artists)....


  1. David! I'm so thrilled to be mentioned on GAT. My class has been going wonderfully, and many of the films you mention get a nod: Rota, Morricone, Davis, Ellington, the list goes on. Thomas Newman is one of my favorites nowadays (he went here!), and of course Bernard Herrman and John Williams are always wonderful. I've become a much bigger fan of Stanley Kubrick's films after taking the course as well – he does some really amazing things with licensed music, both from concert and popular sources. Hoping all is well with you, happy fall!

  2. And I am so excited about all that you are up to! Keep up the good work Devon!

  3. David, what a great post -- and I love the fact that you included TWIN PEAKS here; one of my all-time favorite series (and not just b/c I grew up near the featured waterfall!).
    Take care,

  4. Thank You for the kind words Michael. Twin Peaks was an amazing show. I didn't miss a moment of it and have them all on video tape. I may have to buy a DVD collection. I knew you were from the Pacific NW BUT not from near Snoqualmie. Such a mysterious place. I hope all is well with you! Your trip to NYC looked great!