Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finally Finding Sugar Man

I watched the 




eventually uplifting

Searching For Sugar Man 

last night and was completely blown away!

Here was this uber-talented 


who, around 40 year ago, 

had written and performed 

all these beautiful tunes...

and I had never heard of him?!?!!?!?!

In the engaging

Searching For Sugar Man

director Malik Bendjelloul

tells the tale of 

Sixto Rodriguez

"the greatest 70's rock icon that never was."

It seems that while no one in the US had heard of him,

everyone in South Africa had!

There he was more popular than Elvis?!?!?!!?

His music reminded me of

Nick Drake,

Jose Feliciano,

and Roy Orbison.

All brilliant songsmiths.

And this great, largely unknown talent,

seemed to have evaporated into thin air. 

Many had heard that he'd shot himself dead during one of his performances.

Others, that he'd lit himself on fire and died in concert.

Fortunately for us...

he was, and is,


and living in Detroit. 

I could not wait to continue listening to him,

and getting to know him.

I ordered all of his available recordings.

You will want to do the same.

Don't miss the Sugar Man, 

his Art, 

and this insightful film!

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