Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dining in D.C. - Wildwood Kitchen

For many years

I've been enjoying the 

Culinary Artistry of Chef Robert Wiedmaier.

My family and I have had many splendid

meals at the very elegant

Marcel's downtown.

And of course, 

Chef Wiedmaier has been busy with his Belgian themed,  

and more casual restaurants 

Brasserie Beck and Mussel Bar. 

Most recently

we've seen the opening of 

Wildwood Kitchen

in the Wildwood Shopping Center 

in Bethesda. 

I've dined there a number of times and it is 

very, very good!

The ambience is 

modern, casual, and perhaps even a bit rustic.

The service... knowledgeable & friendly.

And the food...

every bite has been delicious!

You must try some of these gorgeous, 

light & crispy Sardines!

They will come as a revelation to many.

The Fennel, Endive, and Shrimp Salad 

was also a lovely way to start off.

Duck freak that I am,

I could not pass up theirs and it was superb!

My brother Eric feasted on their uber unctuous

Short Ribs.

I don't recall if either of us uttered a word 

as we made short order of these fantastic entrees.

For dessert we shared

this Rice Pudding with Lemongrass...

and Wildwood Kitchen's 

chocolate moussey, and crunchy

Kit Kat Bar like dessert 

that chefs have been presenting for the past quarter century or so.

Desserts were very good, 

just a tad less exciting than the savories.

Freshly ground, single origin estate coffee

brewed in French Press was a

perfect way to end the evening!

All in all,

I've been to Wildwood Kitchen three times

and I know I'll be going back again & again. 

How nice to have this quality food, service, and ambience 

in the neighborhood!

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