Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Gift

I'm wondering how many of you saw this wonderful film, or were even aware of it.
I do not remember seeing it here. Not even in our artier venues.
A Man Named Pearl, which I watched on DVD last night, is the amazing story of a man who came from very humble origins. A man who becomes a brilliant sculptural topiary artist (like an Edward Scissorhands), as well as an important leader in his community.
This tale of Art, growth, compassion, and hope should be seen by all.
Kudos to: directors - Scott Galloway and Brent Pierson,
composer - Fred Story
and cinematographer - J. Steven Anderson
A great film.
A breath of fresh air.


  1. never heard about that movie...I'm all curious now

  2. It was so uplifting, life affirming. Something we never have enough of.


  3. I heard about this film through my subscription with the California Film Institute in San Rafael, Ca. They featured it at their theatre the Smith-Rafael, a restored deco triplex, but I missed it! I'm glad for your reminding me of it to put on my dvd watch list. As someone with a garden, I really want to see it.