Sunday, June 13, 2010

SonjaFest - Coda

Word is in from around the globe.

Pictures too!

These shots from the recently feted Sonja!

I had a lot of fun

and believe my guests did as well. 

This is the Smoked Sturgeon that we started off with.

The Salad that followed.

Our Lamb with Ancho Sauce
(I was in such a hurry I forgot the garnish).

And here we find a lovely little gift that Sonja gave us all,

a little something to remember her by,

cute little  Penguin Christmas ornaments. 




  1. Again? That Sonja is one lucky girl. Yum!!!

  2. Hi Willow!

    No, not again. These were follow up shots that Sonja just sent me from Denmark. Thought I'd include them because I hadn't before.



  3. Dear David, A chance meeting on Willow's weblog, a mention of William Trevor, a writer I read avidly, a hint of William Boyd whom I have read and collected since he began and I am hooked.

    What fun your postings are and how clever you are in the kitchen, a room I rarely venture into.

    Dividing my time between London and Budapest, and as a lover of the Arts, I look forward to your future global postings of all things artistic.

  4. Welcome Edith!

    So glad you've found me! I hope you'll take your time & explore Global Around Town and share it with our like minded friends. I do love Trevor. Read The Collected Short Stories as well as many of his novels. Boyd is a lot of fun as well. Some of my other favorites include Murakami, Byatt, Mistry, Rushdie...

    What fun to be traveling between London and Budapest. I wish I had the opportunity for that more often!