Monday, July 26, 2010


Good Day all. 

Welcome back

nice to see you again. 

If you are like me,

you probably like things that make 

your life easier. 

Things that make your life

more colorful

& tasty. 

Something like this

Condimento - 

substance or mixture prepared food, often preserved or fermented (usually a liquid) that is added in relatively small amounts to foods...

I like to pick up cilantro

and process it with onion, garlic, jalapeno,

lime juice, olive oil,

salt & pepper.

I place this in a jar

and when the time comes,

allow it to enhance many foods.

Add some to mashed avocado for guacamole.

Slather some on chicken breasts  or a tuna steak and simply grill.

Whip together a traditional or mango salsa with this and swoon.

Use this like a pesto,

folding it into some pasta with grilled summer vegetables,

 and voila!

A more colorful & tasty world?!

You betcha!

Pretty easy.


  1. Great, simple post to spice things up a bit, David. Nice!

  2. Hello Michael!

    Thanks for stopping by. I know you've been traveling a lot. Glad you like my little tip.