Monday, July 5, 2010

Pastoral - Pleasingly Peaceful and Innocent

Dear Readers, 

Dear Friends,

I sometimes 

wonder what you do.

Do you commute to work every day?

Do you run around in the 

maze and madness of modern day traffic?

Have you ever got caught up in it inadvertently?

If in fact you do have to deal with this malady,

and even if you don't, 

I may have just the thing for you. 

Music to calm and relax you

when all around you there's chaos.

(Sir Edward Elgar & bike)

A Tunnel Of Time - Selected British Piano Music of the Twentieth Century

is a stunning collection

of beautiful,

and mostly calming,

pastoral pieces


Sir Edward Elgar,

1. In Smyrna
2. Serenade
3. Adieu

Frederick Delius,

Three Preludes
4. Scherzando
5. Quick
6. Con moto

Ernest John Moeran,

7. Summer Valley

John Ireland,

8. The Island Spell

Benjamin Britten, 

Holiday Diary
9. Early Morning Bathe
10. Sailing
11. Fun-Fair
12. Night

Christopher Headington,

13. Ballade-Image
14. Cinquanta

 Paul Patterson,

15. A Tunnel of Time Op 66


in fact we do drive to the music,

it is music like this

that will deliver us to our destination intact, relaxed,

and with wistful and knowing smiles on our faces.

This recording could be hard to find. 

A friend of mine brought me a copy from the UK. 

A Tunnel Of Time
Selected British Piano Music of the Twentieth Century 

was manufactured & marketed by

Kingdom Records Ltd.
Crown House, 119 The Broadway, London N.W.2 3JG
Tel: 081-208 4448  Fax: 081-208 4343


  1. Nothing like some magical music therapy!

  2. Well yes. It is a rather magical recording. Let me know if you need help finding a copy.