Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Worst of 2010 - What A Waste

Welcome Back 

Dear Readers,

Dear Friends.

A month ago 

I read a review 


The Washington Post 


Chris Richards.

Chris wrote of an

"epic" recording,

of a "gorgeous" world,

by a "petulant genius"! 

This was Music,

 he added,


"may define our time".

I for one certainly hope that it doesn't. 
To me this recording could not have been any less interesting. Most of the tunes seemingly constructed from one boring drum machine riff or another. There is no interesting variation in melody, rhythm, harmony, or dynamics. The lyrics, made up primarily of angry ranting, includes the singer telling the listener to "kiss my ass" etc... This seems to be sounds meant to accompany a thug. There is no beauty, no harmony, no love, no subtlety, no interesting lyrics or dialogue among musicians, singers, or characters... 
There was one rather pretty cello interlude. 
That was it. 
All in all, this recording is a waste of space and will take up no room in my library. 

Chris's article is pure hyperbole, made even more absurd by the fact that he compares this dreadful noise of no redeeming quality, to the great Art of The Beatles. Comparing his "resonant bloom-blap" to the fine crafting of tunes that have already been enjoyed by generations from all over the world. Think of all the great tunes The Beatles have written. The beautiful lyrics of love, politics, and fun. 
Creativity oozed out of them as they evolved from style to style.
 They defined the spirit of the time and led so many throughout the world into the future.
 I appreciate the sentiment of "All You Need Is Love" . 
Sadly, I have no love for Kanye West and his dreadful "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". 
A fantasy he should've kept to himself.


  1. I agree completely! Also, this piece of crap is mastered so that it sounds distorted! Who could anyone listen to this shit! I couldn't believe any year could be worse for music than 2009, but this year topped it! The emperor truly has no clothes if people and the critics think this is good! [rant over] ;)

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for stopping by Global Around Town. I hope you enjoyed visiting. As to music of the past couple years, I've found plenty to like BUT rarely have I heard more praise being heaped on complete garbage like "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". I can't see why anyone would want to listen to sound like that.