Saturday, January 1, 2011

My First Music of The New Year - A Dream of Love

Dear Friends,

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year to all!

I'm hoping that your New Year 

is filled with great Music, Art, Cuisine, 

friends and family. 

When I awoke this morning 

I had the gorgeous songs of Gabriel Faure in my head. 

One of the first songs that I heard 

in this New Year of ours was 

Reve d'amour 

sung by Dame Janet Baker 

with pianist Geoffrey Parsons. 

A sweet start to the New Year. 

Reve d'amour

If it is a nice lawn
That sky sprinkles
Where to be born in all seasons
Some flowers bloom,
Where we gather by the handful
Lily, honeysuckle and jasmine
I want to make the path

Where your foot lands.
If there is one well within magnet
Which has the honor,
Whose tender devotion
Has nothing morose
If ever in this noble
Fighting for a worthy purpose,
I want to make the cushion
Where your brow arises.

If it is a dream of love
Fragrant pink
Where one finds every day
Some sweet thing
A dream that God blesses,
Where the soul is united to the soul,
Oh, I want to make the nest
Where your heart arises



  1. Dear David, a dream of love is certainly the most wonderful way to start the new year...
    May 2011 bring you lots of joy, love and peace...

  2. Thank you Lala. For the lovely sentiment and for all you do to bring beauty and joy to the world.

    Much love,