Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tough Times

Welcome back 

Dear Readers,

Dear Friends.

As some of you already know,

things around here have been rather tough lately. 

My Dad,

who suffered a stroke around four years ago,

was hospitalized a number of times

in the past couple months.


at around 8:00 AM Sunday May 29th,

with Juliana, his loving caregiver

holding his hand,

and singing

"You Are My Sunshine"

to him, 

he just kinda hiccuped a couple times

and closed his eyes. 

We'd just celebrated Dad's 89th Birthday  

on May 15th.

We will miss my Dad,

Dr. Joseph Henry Engel,

and I will continue to try to celebrate him & my Mom,

by sharing my 

love for 

The Arts

with you.


  1. ...sending you sweet thoughts, dear David, as always.
    a big hug to you

  2. Thank You Lala. Much love to you.