Sunday, November 13, 2011

Famous Aire's Fabulous Strawberry Shortcake

Let's see.......Shortcakes

1st buy a box of Bisquick.

2. Follow the instructions on the box , EXCEPT : use MORE sugar than the recipe. Like 1 1/2  extra tbsps. Maybe throw in a little extra butter. You'll only need to use a big wooden spoon to mix. 

3. the recipe says to make 6. They're huge ! Make 8.

4. The box says to bake the shortcakes , split and serve w/the strawberries and whipped cream , but you can also make them the day before . Then, to serve, split , using a bread or other serrated knife and great care as they're a bit crumbly.....and place split-side down on a cookie sheet and heat in the oven @ like 250 for a few minutes to toast them up a bit. You may want to pick them up using a spatula to plate them.

5. The recipe suggests a kind of sandwich approach : 1/2 shortcake, layer of strawbs/top 1/2 of shortcake/ more strawbs and whipped cream. BUT I like to serve them more like Eggs Benedict. 2 1/2s of shortcake , side by each, both topped with loads of strawberries and......

WHIPPED CREAM                        


1. The recipe calls for Cool Whip or some such . Of course you can do that. Or, even canned. I prefer to make fresh. It's so easy and yummy too. You probably know how to make whipped cream, but if you don't , then here you go :

2. A pint of heavy whipping cream will make a boatload . 

3. Take a mixing bowl. Tall and narrower is way better than lower and wider. Use metal,glass or ceramic , NOT plastic. Slosh a tiny bit of water around in it and dump it out. Then put it in the freezer for a little while 5, 10 min. whatever... just until it's nice and cold. 

4. Pour cream into bowl. Add a couple or 3 big tbsps of confectioner's sugar with a couple of capfulls of vanilla extract. Whip with whatever kind of mixer you have at very high speed until thick and gloppy enough.... to taste. CAREFUL !!!! This should only take a few minutes, so DON'T OVERDO IT !!! If you overbeat, it'll get all liquidy and soupy. So when you think you're almost done, just stop and see if it's thick enough. If not yet... just give it a couple of quick poofs with the mixer and check again. Repeat a few times if necessary.

5. Slather on top of strawbabies on top of shortcakes. I like mountains !

Strawbabies : 

1. Follow recipe on box if you like. I like to make lots. So you can certainly use more than 4 cups if you like. I do. More is often....more. And for a change I actually use LESS sugar than the recipe calls for. But sugar to taste.

That's it !!! So load 'em up....either sandwich or benedict style... and PIG OUT !