Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dining in Rome II

My second night of culinary brilliance in Rome came at

Il Pagliaccio


Centro Storico.

How funny...

seated next to me,

the same nattily clad Japanese couple,

that had been dining across from me at 

La Pergola

the night before!

I guess great minds think alike.

This contemporary store front 

was dressed nicely as well,

and I settled in for 


8 Course Tasting Menu

"Il Pagliaccio."

It began with...

1st course - 

Sea Bream Carpaccio - slightly smoked, in a broth with a foam, beet, and egg

2nd course -

 Crab Salad with green mango, clams, sea water, and puffed rice... 

on the side...

 a beautiful cup of jasmine rice and coconut cream.

3rd course - 

Oxtail & Foie Gras 

with peanuts, melissa, chocolate, baby wild asparagus, and a borage flower

4th course - 


with potato sauce, black rice, clams, and herring roe

5th course - 


stuffed with cheese, veal consommè, asparagus and mushrooms

6th course - 

Striped red mullet 

with steamed avocado, vegetables, and argan oil

7th course - 

Spicy lamb with smokey eggplant and chickpeas

was served with a rich & savory...

lamb broth.

Then came the...

Pre Dessert - 

Cheese Snack with goat and cow cheese mixed, tapioca, 
sherry vinegar jelly, mint and chocolate biscuit, and strawberry granita...

And lastly...

8th Course Dessert – 

Crunchy Biscuits with caramelized pineapple, cardamom and pineapple sorbet, 

calvados caramel, and whipped cream

I finished off this extraordinary meal 

with a 

Jamaican Blue Mountain Espresso.

This was another spectacular evening.

I loved the modern, hip room, 

the gracious service, 

and the 

brilliantly thought out cuisine. 

My Japanese Friends 

left with smiles on their faces.

I did too!


  1. Hey David,

    Nice post! No spaghetti-O's in Rome eh? I like to hear about the music scene there too.


  2. Hello Don,

    Thanks for popping by. The food scene in Rome was great! The music... well perhaps I'll leave that for another day.