Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dining in Rome III

Welcome back Dear Readers

Dear Friends.

By now 

I'm sure you can see that

dining in Rome 

is a joy. 

On a Saturday night

my Dear Friend Paolo & I

navigated the narrow streets of Rome


Il Convivio

for another wonderful meal.

Shortly after we were seated 

we were served these 

curvy breadsticks,

some of them seasoned with saffron.

They also brought us 

fried olives stuffed with clams,

and little dollops of 

parmesan gelato...

as well as

breads & breadsticks 

with prosciutto.

All this just to wet our appetites!

Then our 

Gran Menu Degustazione


It started off with light & delicate

Fried Prawns and Whitebait with Artichokes,

Zucchini Flowers & Aromatic Herbs.


It was followed by 

one of the brightest and most refreshing tartare's 

I've ever had...

Local Mackerel Fish "Tartare" 
with Seasonal Veggies
dressed in 
"Ceviche" Style

had everyone swooning!

Our pasta course...

Spaghetti with local Clams,
Smoked Olive Oil, 
Sarawak Pepper-corn, 
and Grey Mullet Fish Roe

was good 

but a little bitter for me.

Our next course was rich and delicious...

From the Roman to the Jewish Style:
Deep Fried Artichoke
served with a
Pork Surprise Side

The Surprise was an earthy pork liver.

Then came my hearty main course... 

Guinea Fowl Leg
stuffed with 
Black Truffle and Porcini.

After all these intense flavors,

what could one possibly serve to transition from savory to sweet?


Pre Dessert:

Lapsang Souchong Gelato
served on a bed of Coffee 
with a Berry Coulis
and Salumi Chiffonade.

I thought it was gorgeous!
The gelato...amazing!
I'm not sure if I could have done without the salumi or not?!

But it was very, very good!

Tiramisu Mousse

that I had for dessert was  
rather uneventful in comparison.

The exquisite 

Petit Fours & Coffee...

the perfect way to end 

a lovely meal. 


  1. Mon Dieu David...I can't any more ! I slowly devoured Dining II and now...oh all these delicious treats coming one after the other...what a temptation!

  2. Hello Lala!

    I can't wait until the day when we're able to share a beautiful dinner! Until then you may just have to continue reading Global Around Town.

    Much love,