Thursday, April 16, 2009

Now here's a line I hope to use one day.

I love Eliseo Subiela's films.

Particularly Man Facing Southeast,
The Dark Side of The Heart,
and Don't Die Without Telling Me Where You're Going.

And I love it,
when in The Dark Side movies,
the protagonist Oliverio approaches a woman in a bar
with this:

"I don't care if a women has breasts like magnolias
or like dried out prunes.

Or skin like a peach,
or like sandpaper.

I could care less if in the morning her breath is like an aphrodisiac,
or if it's like an insecticide.

I'd be more than willing to accept a nose
that would win first prize at a carrot show.

But there's one thing.

I'm very strict about this.

I will not permit, under any circumstances,

a woman who can't fly."


  1. This sounds like a great film. I'm adding it to my Netflix queue. Beautiful, beautiful line. I hope you get to use it someday!

  2. Hello Willow,

    So nice hearing from you! Thanks for checking in. Subiela's movies are very good. Do watch The Dark Side of the Heart 1 first. I preferred it to 2. And Don't Die... was really great. There's a new one out called Don't Look Down. I just saw it and wanted to like it more than I did.

    I hope you'll stay in touch. I have a recipe coming up that is not to be believed! Also I'll be highlighting my favorite painter sometime soon. Beautiful works.


  3. and...please say the woman in the bar replies the man : and the same for me...i would never allow myself to be with a man who can't fly...

  4. Hi Lala,

    I know you'll like Subiela's movies. Please let me know when you watch them.