Saturday, April 11, 2009

Volume 17. Buried Treasure

Welcome back Dear Readers.
So nice to be with you again.
As many of you may recall, a few weeks ago my hard drive went and my Music Library was desimated. Since then I have gone through three new hard drives.
The first two were too small, as it turns out.
The third one, which I installed myself saving $125, is 500 GB and should allow for continued growth.
The installation was a piece of cake.
Restoring things, that is transferring everything from one computer to the next, was a bit trickier, but I got it done.
As I write this, I have completely restored and even added to my beloved Music Library.
What a relief!
And yes, I did learn my lesson...


In recreating my library I refamiliarized myself with many recordings.
I even discovered some CDs that I'd never opened.
The Malipiero recording at the top of the page is one such example.
And too bad for me!
What beautiful music poured forth from that recording.
What beautiful music I'd been depriving myself of.
Dreamy, perfumed meanderings reminded me of Sorabji.
There were pastoral moments that sounded like John Ireland or like Vaughan Williams' The Lake In The Mountains.
There were shimmery cascades of sound that brought Debussy to mind, and Messiaen - like bird calls.
All this had been sitting there waiting for me, neglected for years he said sheepishly.
How silly that I had missed this.
And if truth be told, there were others.
But let's save them for another rainy day.

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