Sunday, April 19, 2009

Volume 19. Me-oh My-oh Milano!

I am always amazed when there is so much going on in one place.

So little going on elsewhere.

This week Global Around Town visits a very happening Milan,

where there are a million and one amazing activities

going on all at once!

So much to do and so little time!

Hopefully you're en route & have some time to explore.

Strap on your racing shoes.

You're going to need them!

First Stop - Thousands upon thousands of Art Enthusiasts will be in attendence at:

The International Modern Art Fair.
"An unmissable date on the Italian and International art calendar...
showcasing the finest galleries specializing in 20th century art"
Through April 20th

Next up... The Design World

If you are interested in Design then Milan will be the place for you this week! The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is the biggest exhibition in the Milanese design calendar. It showcases the hottest and most influential figures in the world.

With pieces for the office, kitchen, & bath.

It is running April 22 - 27.

Then, as if that's not enough...
Running concurrently with the Design Show you must attend:
Tokyo Fiber "Senseware"
A fascinating exhibition that highlights Japan's
innovative use of avant garde materials.
For free at
La Triennale of Milan.

So let's see... you've got tons of Art, tons of Design,

and there's more...

There's The Last Samurai Exhibit at Palazzo Reale

At Galleria Carla Sozzani you can view Memphis Blues: A celebration of the beautifully designed works of Ettore Sottsass and his Memphis Group.

At Fondazione Stelline marvel in Futurism and its founder Marinetti whose Futurist Manifesto follows & should inspire all!


1. We want to sing the love of danger, the habit of energy and rashness.
2. The essential elements of our poetry will be courage, audacity and revolt.
3. Literature has up to now magnified pensive immobility, ecstasy and slumber. We want to exalt movements of aggression, feverish sleeplessness, the double march, the perilous leap, the slap and the blow with the fist.
4. We declare that the splendor of the world has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed. A racing automobile with its bonnet adorned with great tubes like serpents with explosive breath ... a roaring motor car which seems to run on machine-gun fire, is more beautiful than the Victory of Samothrace.
5. We want to sing the man at the wheel, the ideal axis of which crosses the earth, itself hurled along its orbit.
6. The poet must spend himself with warmth, glamour and prodigality to increase the enthusiastic fervor of the primordial elements.
7. Beauty exists only in struggle. There is no masterpiece that has not an aggressive character. Poetry must be a violent assault on the forces of the unknown, to force them to bow before man. 8. We are on the extreme promontory of the centuries! What is the use of looking behind at the moment when we must open the mysterious shutters of the impossible? Time and Space died yesterday. We are already living in the absolute, since we have already created eternal, omnipresent speed.
9. We want to glorify war - the only cure for the world - militarism, patriotism, the destructive gesture of the anarchists, the beautiful ideas which kill, and contempt for woman.
10. We want to demolish museums and libraries, fight morality, feminism and all opportunist and utilitarian cowardice.
11. We will sing of the great crowds agitated by work, pleasure and revolt; the multi-colored and polyphonic surf of revolutions in modern capitals: the nocturnal vibration of the arsenals and the workshops beneath their violent electric moons: the gluttonous railway stations devouring smoking serpents; factories suspended from the clouds by the thread of their smoke; bridges with the leap of gymnasts flung across the diabolic cutlery of sunny rivers: adventurous steamers sniffing the horizon; great-breasted locomotives, puffing on the rails like enormous steel horses with long tubes for bridle, and the gliding flight of aeroplanes whose propeller sounds like the flapping of a flag and the applause of enthusiastic crowds.

Now what can one possibly say after reading that?! Such excited words and imagery.

And yet upon our stimulating quest,
we do need sustanence,
and maybe in this particularly fashionable city,
a little shopping?

You can stop in at any number of stylish fashion houses:

Miu Miu
La Perla

But I think I would spend most of my time at the wonderfully hip

10 Corso Como.

Here's what Dolce had to say about it:
“I like to have lunch at 10 Corso Como Cafe. It’s the latest addition to Ms. Carla Sozzani’s world-famous 10 Corso Como store and gallery. She has one of the most exquisite stores and galleries in Milan, with a very interesting concept based on her extraordinary taste. She has combined Moroccan and Asian influences to create a modern ambience. The restaurant offers a selection of natural foods and drinks: fruit juices, smoothies, Asian salads, hummus, couscous, and a great selection of teas.”After lunch, take a walk through the Corso Como’s racks and displays, which include the world’s best bookstore dedicated exclusively to art and fashion, housewares, clothing, accessories, a mini art gallery, and much, much more. You could linger for days in the Brera district, dropping into antiques shops and staying until dinnertime, when charming restaurants fill and the fortunetellers set up their tables on the candlelit street. When you depart Corso Como, say at around 3, you’re probably almost sated with shopping."

For dinner you may want to try:

Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia
Via Montecuccoli 6 - I - 20147 Milan
2 Michelin Stars

- The scampi: raw with couscous flavored with herbs and octopus - marinated with red berries - crispy in Tuscan pine-nuts crust
- Spaghetti made with Senatore Cappelli durum wheat with Spring onion and hot pepper sauce
- Veal tenderloin "Tschirren" style with raw ham, ginger juice and pine-nut from Pisa
- Hot pie of extra bitter chocolate from Venezuela with smooth heart of extra virgin Nocellara olive oil and chocolate
Closed: Saturdays at lunchtime; Sundays all day; 1-9 January; August


Via Ascanio Sforza 77 - I - 20141 Milan
2 Michelin stars

Specialities: Lobster carpaccio, mayonnaise of white tomatoes and heart of chicory salad, Pan fried crustaceans, broccoli cream, croquettes of lemon, crispy potatoes and dried tomatoes.
Closed: every day at lunchtime and Sundays; 3 weeks in August.

I am primed for Milan!

I hope you are.

Ciao Bella!

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