Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quiz For A Million! Part Deux...

Welcome back Dear Readers,

Dear Friends.

The tallying has been done, 

and the results 

from all over the world,

are in. 

The winner of 

Global Around Town's

Quiz For A Million


Samuli Repo

of Helsinki Finland. 

His answer...?

It wasn't

Nick Cave,

Jim Morrison,

Nick Drake, 


Tom Waits.

It was, in fact,



two men 

pictured here

collaborated to create 

this incredibly beautiful piece of music.

Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen (I am lost to the world, 16 August 1901)

is one of the Rückert-Lieder

The "Rückert-Lieder is a song cycle of five Lieder for voice and orchestra or piano by Gustav Mahler, based on poems written by Friedrich Rückert." (Wikipedia)

This piece seems to incorporate all of Mahler's most beautiful and heartbreaking elements into one
7 minute song. 

It always seems to break me up. 

There are many fine 
performances of this great work.
My favorites include those by
Janet Baker,
Jose Van Dam,
Dagmar Peckova. 

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